HIPAA Information x-ray film recycling

HIPAA Information

B.W. Recycling, Inc's entire film recycling process is 100% HIPAA compliant from A to Z. Including the transport and receiving the film in our facility and the final destruction of the film and the accompanied envelopes and folders.

When selecting an x-ray film recycling company there are a few things you should consider other than the silver return or price per lb for the scrap x-ray film.

  • Does the company follow HIPAA rules and regulations?
    All companies are claiming they are HIPAA compliant, but in order to be HIPAA complaint, the company needs to follow HIPAA rules and regulations including having the right agreement on file with their employees, vendors, transportation carriers etc.
    B.W. Recycling, Inc Has been in the data destruction business for over 30 years, we are well established company with HIPAA compliant agreements with employees, vendors and carriers.
  • Does the company provide a business associate agreement?
    Please note that not every business associate agreement is really suitable for recycling x-ray film, a general business associate agreement has certain terms which are irrelevant for the x-ray film recycling process, which makes the entire agreement not valid. B.W. Recycling, Inc provides a designated business associate agreement for the x-ray film recycling process, please ask your representative for an agreement.
  • Is the company secured?
    Recycling x-ray film and receiving many packages from different medical entities requires high security to assure the safety of the sensitive information on the x-ray film and other medical records.
    B.W. Recycling inc, has state of the art system to control & track the packages from the moment it leaves the medical office until it reaches our facility, each package get a unique bar coded label which get scanned during transport and when it reaches our facility until it is completely destructed. Click here for more information about security @B.W. Recycling, Inc.

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