Types of x-rays we take for recycling x-ray film recycling

We take all types of x-ray film including:

Medical x-ray film

We recycle all types of medical x-rays, we provide a HIPAA compliant certificate of destruction, we pick-up for free any quantities over 50 lbs, if you have smaller quantities please contact us so we can find an easy solutions for recycling your x-rays. Medical x-ray film also include CT Scans, Mammography film, MRI Film,
full spine x-rays and chest x-rays

Dental X-ray

We pick-up dental x-rays such as bite wings and panoramic film.
We do not take any dental film with paper or in envelopes,
or in plastic cases.

Lithographic printing film

We take all kinds of art printing film for recycling including positive or negative lithographic film, with or without plastic or paper carriers.

Industrial Film (NDT / NDE)

We take all non-destructive type film in or out of envelopes. Prices for film by the lb or by silver recovered amount is determined based on the type of film, quantity and current silver market price (LME). If you have any film for recycling, please contact us to get a quote or more information anytime.

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